To share what I see through the camera and thereby make connections, real and imagined, between the viewer and the people, communities and lands that I have had the privilege to visit.

Statement of Photography

The click of the camera captures a unique moment in time,  Viewing the photograph is an opportunity to appreciate the image and reflect on what was behind the visual presentation – the life, the history, the future of the person, the people, the city or the landscape.  A visually compelling photo becomes more interesting when it stirs the imagination to consider what preceded the moment and the future that might unfold.

My Photography Journey

Photography is my primary avocation.  Over the past few years I have had the good fortune to undertake photographic adventures to a variety cities and countries around the world. During these visits I have had the opportunity to capture glimpses of the everyday life of people and the places they live, work, and play.  I have also viewed the majestic beauty of a few of the special places on earth.

My interest in photography began as a youth in Minnesota. I had a Brownie Hawkeye camera and learned to develop my own images.  Later I became attached to a Minolta 16mm sub-miniature “spy” camera.  A camera I still have.  In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s my interest in photography was reignited during the eight years my wife, Julie, and I lived in New York City.  I put together a darkroom that I could set up and take down in our small kitchen in the Bronx.  I had a Canon FTb and later a Leica / Minolta CL, both great cameras.

In the mid-1970’s Julie and I moved to the Boston area.  I joined a small consulting firm focused on strategic planning and organizational work with the leaders of hospitals and health care systems.  With the advent of career and family, my photography was primarily focus on the activities of our two children and family vacations.

After thirty years as a consultant I retired and began spending most of my time at our second residence in Sandwich, New Hampshire.  Once again, I rekindled my interest in photography.  As with many people of my generation, I had to learn a new technology, the digital camera, and migrate to the new “darkroom,” the computer as image processor. 

My development as a photographer has benefitted enormously by the guidance, advice and encouragement of a small group of mentors with whom I have done workshops and tours, specifically Les Picker, Steve Simon, Bryan Peterson and Valerie Jardin.  I have done multiple workshops and tours with each of them.  You will find them referenced in the introductions to some of the World Travel portfolios.  These photographers helped me develop a working technical proficiency and develop my “eye.”  As important as these leaders have been to my development as a photographer, the other participants in their workshops have been instrumental in providing support, guidance and friendship.

This website, like my photography, is a work in progress.  The images shown will change over time as I pursue new photo adventures and continue to learn the art of creating visually compelling images that stir the imagination.

Contact:   tom@phototsbythomaswilson.com