World Travel

In this gallery I present images from places I have had the privilege to visit outside of North America -- primarily Asia, Europe and South America.  


North America

This gallery contains photos taken in the United States and Canada.  Included in these portfolios are photos taken in cities, the expansive landscapes of the American west and the Yukon Territory in Canada.  Also included are shots of the aurora borealis taken in Dawson City, Yukon Territory.


Themed Portfolios

In this gallery I present photos that I have grouped together into themed portfolios -- portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, streets scenes, work, and play.  These portfolios will be updated from time to time as I rotate photos in from new adventures.


My Back Yard

My back yard is central New Hampshire, specifically the Town of Sandwich and adjacent areas.  In this gallery I present images of some of the scenery, events and visual experiences that I encounter throughout the year in central New Hampshire.